Inspiration Matters

I got inspired reading this post soo much because as a blogger we may think our blogs don’t make much of a difference but they do <3

Not sure how he can write 1 blog post a day for 11 years! Wowza!! Awesome! 🙂 I hear the Passion! 🙂

I did a 21 day challenge a blog a day & it was super challenging as other things kept coming up… and even got sick for not eating healthy and eating late hours. Thank God I’m good now 🙂

As a foodie, wine drinker and obsessed with culture I follow his Facebook posts & this is a prime example of what can happen when you start a simple blog and stay consistent throughout the years….SUCCESS!

Did I even mention a simple blogger account can get you this type of success! 🙂

I don’t regret investing how to start my blog as I learned tips that I wouldn’t of known too but it was costly and just to create my blog via wordpress made me drive to drink tequila shots! Ha! (Not kidding) All those plug ins & tech lingo (leave it to the experts or buy a blog) Auto Body in San Diego

I’m happy with blogger but my perfectionist self
wpaint23as kicking in last year…saying it’s soo old school I want a newer blog site with cool graphics lol! I switch from blogger & medium for several topics.

But overall I’m satisfied 🙂 And now even more because you don’t NEED a perfect blog site to be a SUCCESS!

As I learned through Fascination… It’s not the bigger budget but smaller budget when applied fascination that will get the attention.

Work with what you have. Be Passionate. Be Consistent <3



“Imagination will often carry us to world’s that never were. But without it we go nowhere.” – Carl Sagan

How do you enter into a PASSIONATE relationship with your business? 

You focus on the things that you love, you invite pampering baths into your life, you savor a sip of red wine, you indulge in a piece of #godiva chocolate or support kids selling “world finest chocolates”, you turn up the music to some r&b, or drake & rhianna, or if you dig supper romantic music 🎶 listen to #erosramazzotti

When you apply lust before logic today you attract fans and pull them closer. Warm passionate brands wraps us in a warm blanket and serves us mental chocolate chip cookies with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream

Love your bmw & business. It’s good to Woo your people with WOW!
Strike an emotion!

Take Full Control


“Leaders don’t just get attention, they drive behavior”
If you want to take control you will need to exert power but not submit or stumble or you lose credibility.
If your sending out a message in social media and nobody is acting to your message meaning nobody took action and you were placed on “iggy” (ignored) … Your message has failed.
When people take ACTION, we influence that in-action that was dormat. Whether your a Blogger, Writer, Entrepreneur, Leader, Teacher, Influencer, Speaker, Athlete, Actor, Celebrity, Philantropist
Power companies and people stay focused until they reach the finish line.
Some traits are: courage, intelligence and work ethic.
Some cool facts on #Buffett (Fascination Book 2016)
He consistently beats the market by sticking to his own principles. He often ignores economic facts. He puts his money in business, not stocks. he shuns trendy themes. Bu when he’s confident, so are investors.